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Improving Medication Adherence and Outcomes in Transplant Recipients: The Impact of Medication Nonadherence 


Patients’ adherence to prescribed medication regimens is a challenge in many patients who have a chronic illness and the need for ongoing treatment. Fewer than half of individuals who are chronically ill actually adhere to prescribed medication regimens. Continuity of recommended post-surgical care is especially important in transplantation.(1) Lack of adherence to immunosuppressive medication increases the transplant recipients’ likelihood of graft rejection or failure. Non-adherence can also cause increased health complications, health care costs, and deaths.(2)

Adherence to immunosuppressive medication after transplantation is important to maximize good clinical benefits and outcomes; however, adherence remains suboptimal and not well-understood. Clinicians need to proactively partner with patients to educate each other and work together toward patient health and the success of a transplant.

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