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Primary Care Management of Neuropathic Pain: Approaches for Accurate Assessment and Appropriate Treatment 


Neuropathic pain is a challenge to health care providers because it is often underdiagnosed and undertreated. It may be associated with variable levels of pain, problems with the activities of daily living, impaired quality of life, and functional disabilities.(1)

The impact of neuropathic pain is well known to those who have experienced it themselves and to the clinicians who specialize in the care of these patients. Neuropathic pain causes immense suffering that is accompanied, all too often, by a pervasive sense of alienation as the individual moves from doctor to doctor in search of an answer, if not a cure.(1)

It has only recently become clear that there is little to match the pain that arises from neuropathic causes. In a landmark study, Melzack and colleagues demonstrated that neuropathic pain exceeded every other cause of pain in the intensity of its effects. Thus possibly more than any other area of medicine, neuropathic pain demands that a thorough scientific knowledge of pain be partnered with the utmost in professional qualities.(2) Neuropathic pain has been a particularly difficult challenge to the research and clinical communities in the overall management because the severity of pain and resistance to treatment.(3)

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