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Remission in MDD: What Does the Future Hold for Clinicians and Patients? 


Although many antidepressants are available to treat major depressive disorder (MDD), as many as 70% of patients diagnosed with MDD do not reach remission even after receiving an adequate course of treatment.1 Remission is currently being redefined. The outcome measure that is generally reported in clinical trials "has been arbitrarily defined as a symptom reduction of 50% or greater from pretreatment in total symptom severity."2 Yet, a response that does not achieve an asymptomatic remitted state "constitutes an unsatisfactory outcome in that it includes patients with ongoing, clinically significant disease activity. While symptomatic remission increases the probability for recovery in MDD. Available evidence indicates that the majority of individuals with MDD receiving guideline-concordant and measurement-based care do not achieve and sustain a fully remitted state with index antidepressant treatment.

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