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Bipolar Depression Case Series-The Art and Science of Clinical Management: Balancing Efficacy and Safety 


Bipolar disorder is one of the world’s 10 most disabling conditions, taking away years of healthy functioning from individuals who have the illness. According to Judd and colleagues, individuals with bipolar disorder spend most of their time in a symptomatic, depressed phase. In fact, a significantly greater percentage of time is spent in a depressed mood than in mania, hypomania, or euthymia.1 Individuals with bipolar disorder are at high risk for comorbid medical disorders such as metabolic or cardiovascular disorders, and unfortunately, several of the psychotropic medications that are used to treat bipolar disorder may increase the risk of developing certain medical illnesses. Careful, ongoing assessment, monitoring and individualized treatment-selection can help reduce some of the risk factors and improve quality of life for these patients.2 Evaluating the risk factors for medications during pregnancy is a challenge for clinicians and needs to be part of a shared decision process with patients.3 On December 15, 2014, a neuroscienceCME Live and On Demand featured series of cases on bipolar depression. To meet the learning preferences of busy clinicians, the activity has been divided into three short modules, each featuring a patient case that demonstrates the complex challenges of presented by patients with bipolar depression

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