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Strategies to Improve Adherence and Clinical Management of Overactive Bladder: Prevalence of OAB and Impact on Quality of Life 


High discontinuation rates present a substantial barrier to achieving optimal outcomes in all chronic conditions requiring long-term, consistent pharmacotherapy. Discontinuation rates of 80%-90% within the first year of therapy have been reported for overactive bladder (OAB) medications.(1) In order to improve adherence and quality of life for patients with OAB, a proactive and multifaceted approach is needed by clinicians. Frequent and open discussions about side effects or other barriers to pharmacological treatment, or to modify treatment plans and medications can improve adherence. Recommending combined behavioral, psychosocial, and pharmacological therapies along with routine discussions about adherence to treatment can improve the dialogue about the overall management of OAB.

On May 4, 2013, CME Outfitters presented a case-based, interactive symposium featuring a panel that focused on strategies to empower patients in their care with the goal of improving patients’ adherence to the recommended treatments for OAB. To meet the learning preferences of busy clinicians, the symposium has been divided into three short modules, each featuring a video patient case that demonstrates the complex challenges of treatment and medication adherence in patients with OAB at various stages of life—a working mother, a man with complex medical issues, and an elderly woman.

Module 1: Prevalence and Impact on Quality of Life Click here to begin activity now
Module 2: Treatment Click here to access this activity
Module 3: Medication Adherence Click here to access this activity

Each module is certified for .5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™. We encourage participants to complete all three modules to optimize the learning experience and to gain valuable insights for treating their patients with OAB.

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